Flight reservations scam (877) 464-9297

Scam Number: 1 (877) 464-9297
Domain Used:
Extra Info: typical reservations scam


Typical hold music. Answering fast tho. Ask for “Joy”

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“Damien” ext# 110
“Joy” ext# 124
(They do reconnect you with different agents, you just have to provide their name and extension number, however I was lucky enough to be reconnected without needing to provide the extension however “Damien” had to try twice to reconnect me, originally said he couldn’t connect me without me providing the ext #, however he tried again anyways.)

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giving him shit I think this number. customer service 888 899 2129 arguing he says they legit NO THEY ARE NOT.


BURN ON YOU SCAMMERS let them have it. :joy:… This guy is just arguing away.


“Daniel Austin” ext # 647

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Hit them U guys everyone on here let’s take down both numbers … NOW … Keep calling them

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They now claim no ext numbers start with 1 and that I allegedly dialed the wrong number. bs.

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Keep calling them :joy:… Let’s take it down
I have both numbers conferenced😆

They’re attacking me, detroit and robertoo lol
they’ve very mad and now racist, stuck on hold music

Googling the number gets this:


Typical Trustpilot reviews:

5* seem fake

The (888) 899-2129 numbers brings up a reddit post linking to American Airline Reservations- Book American Airlines With Traveltriviaonline.Com | TravelTriviaOnline which also has (877) 770-0160.
Traveltriviaonline Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www.traveltriviaonline.com
Only a few 5* here

Draco, is the 2129 a callback?

No but here one :joy::joy::joy:from them 281-657-9412 Dirt on this # WTF Tausha Noel
Tomball TX …

how did you get the number(s)?

They claim to be from Huston, Texas. traveltrivia.com is the website i’ve been given by mr randi randi big mad. Nearly 7 minutes of his time wasted, couldn’t give me full address. He hung up.

This guy posted it Quadx2 … we
burnonyouscammers and I checked it out. we argued with the guy about it being a scam for 15 min

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dude is inviting me for a coffee lmao

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I am talking about the 2129 and 9412 numbers, where did you get those? I want to know if there is a connection between them and the original number posted. if they are not the same scam company, it should really be in a thread of it’s own…

if not specified.

on here … On this post … He gave me the 888-Xxx-2197 says it thier customer service number I called it while on phone with him … Same people Same scam

11 minute chat with the so called manager

They say this is thier address

  • Bluebonnet Drive 4030
  • 77477
  • Stafford
  • United States
    in TX