FIrst Scammer wanted my last $300 but the second realized he was not getting it

619-720-5073 – The first guy could have cared less about my last $300 bucks but the second one realized he was not getting it from a widow with kids. A scammer with a heart? NOPE, just did not want to do the work for such a small amount. I love how he assumed that just because I don’t have skills or can’t get a job I don’t live the Untied States. I think they watch too much American television.

Number does not work anymore and it says call rejected

The second Indian scammer decided it was not worth pursuing the scam.These Indian fakes scammers have used the same badge number: 10256

"James Jones, “Jason Roy” , “Mike Watson” (both IRS scam and SSA scam same badge) and] “Jason Reed”

@drwat#80321 I had one say he was James Brown and I almost laughed and said “THE James Brown?” ; )