FaresKart.us Travel Scam

8559486866, over pricing flights and spamming the internet


Name: sameer kochar

Street: A4/37, 3rd Floor, Saket

City: new delhi

State: Delhi

Postal Code: 110017

Country: IN

Phone: +91.9811350622

Email: [email protected]

You entered the number incorrectly @Chronus - number ends in 6886 (not 6866) on both the .tumblr.com and .us domains.

Fareskart Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fareskart.us … the cover photo for the Facebook page also lists another number being +1-855-684-6886 … however, the cover photo was updated on 18th of October 2017 and is more than likely a dead number (UNTESTED).

One would also assume the following to be related info with a differing URL and Registrant Contact.

fareskart.com is not a currently active site but possibly preparing for a transition to .com rather than tumblr.com perhaps having only been registered on 30 of October 2020.

If the name Dilip Bagdi is run through a search engine, there is a single LinkedIn profile associated with the name - this Dilip Bagdi claims to be the owner of moviesout.com which is also a non active site at present but that domain is actually registered to a bing, luo so very suspeeecious.

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