Fake treasury (253) 466-6074

Scam Number: [ (253) 466-6074
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Active have a listen



Wow he’s pretty Horny! Worthy of a Video on YouTube!


According to phonevalidator.com, here is some info for this phone number:

  • Phone Number: (253) 466-6074
  • Date of this Report: August 05, 2022
  • Phone Line Type: VOIP
  • Phone Company: BANDWIDTH.COM
  • Phone Location: SEATTLE, WA

Okay, so from my TextNow I just now called (253) 466-6074. A man answered as “Mr. Thomas Baker” and he said he was with Mega Millions Sweepstakes. He spoke English with a slight foreign accent but I could understand him easily.

I said that I thought that his phone number as of yesterday was with CA Claims Dept. from listening to the recording that @just68me provided or that his phone number was with US Treasury Unclaimed Funds Administration. He said, “No, I am with Mega Millions Sweepstakes.” So I said, “Listen to the beginning of this recording.” I played him the beginning of the audio recording posted in this thread and I stopped the recording and said, “The man at your same phone number answered yesterday as James Michael from CA Claims.”

He exclaimed, “F!ck you!” I laughed and informed him that his anger pleases us! He hung up.


Just can’t make this shit up…that’s awesome


These criminals cannot keep their stories straight!

I called this number again since my last post to this thread, and I got the message machine with the greeting from James Michael at CA Claims!

The indignant attitude of these criminals when you call them out on their inconsistency or downright idiocy is shameful but amusing!

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I recognize his voice. He also does PCH scams. Good job @just68me
I’m going to give him a call now.


Boy it sure does Hvie!! :+1:

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the vm answered as a textnow number. they answered but it was all garbled couldnt make out what they were saying. called back and they didnt answer


I am so glad and grateful that this website continues to get new users to join the honorable effort! :+1:


Loved it!!! I so enjoy when those turds get irritated, you rock @just68me