Fake tech support

Claim to be Microsoft tech support. They try to steal your credit card information. Call and waiste their time

Number: +18444163444

[“Fake tecch support”,“Fake tech support”]

Just gave them a call, they ask for the pop-up number and if you dont have, then they will not be able to assist you anymore further.


@Dunameitor#12117 I’d say try using a generic pop-up from any other scam and see how that goes.

I think they’re done for the night (or their morning). That airhorn on firertc seems to really piss them off though, so make good use of it. I like using it as a bullshit alarm. “Sir you have hackers trying to steal each and everything from your computer” HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK

HAHA never mind, they’re still there.


@Dunameitor#12117 When they ask for a pop-up number I just say a friend recommended their services.

@Kenneth123#12143 Yeah, exactly what I say.

They are not picking up on me…

@DemetriusXVII#12119 That method works.

Sweet they answered