Fake Tech Support Scam - Live as of 9:09 AM PST

What? Oh hell to the no! 833-515-1710 is still active?

I am callin’ now!

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Scammer I was connected to was somewhat pretty chill. He was open about being Indian, discussed animes we liked, and reacted to bad reviews of the Quick Assist app. Curse that Joe.

Of course I still wasn’t going to let him access my PC. Once I started reading the warning about scammers on AnyDesk, he accused me of being a Youtuber, said bye, and disconnected. Either way, I wasted 30 min of his time.

Shame he’s working for a scam.

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Happened to me as well. When they mentioned AnyDesk, I read out the warning. They switched back to using UltraViewer.


Another Digital Ocean site – anyone have direct contacts there?
NEW NUMBER: 833-515-1709

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Guy answered (833) 515-1709

If ONLY I knew how to write a phone-jammer code…

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I wish their carrier actually gave a crap and took down the numbers. Its not very hard for them to call, hear the scam, see the website, and take it offline…ugh.

New IP/Site

it is still active.
surprisingly lasted 9 days

I got nothing on both voips

They’re filtering/screening numbers. A burner phone on VZW still works.

Still live today, they filter based off of VOIP. They’ll only accept calls from people using real numbers.


New call back number


i had 30m call with them again.

they were fun to mess around with.


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Can’t believe it’s still up

Here is the seller of the 833 number – sadly they dont care and keep the number active.
Perhaps we need to call them and let them know.

Company : Knot Networks LLC

|Referral #:|833-362-0303|

|Status|Last Update|

WORKING 2021-04-21
WORKING 2020-12-03
WORKING 2020-08-18
ASSIGNED 2020-08-18
RESERVED 2020-08-18


833-515-1705 is still active, looks like the same number is used by multiple centers, as what i got from the IPs: (Delhi) (Delhi) (Punjab)

Other number:


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(213) 732-7388 Answered

(833) 515-1705 Answered

(779) 216-5045 Called me back

“Justin Hill” called back from (209) 283-1304

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