Fake Tech Support Scam, Australian Freecall Number


if the above one isn’t working try this http://meshtechsol.club/msie1.php?num=61-1800-431-352

@AussieScamBuster#4655 Sites seem to be down, good work.

try this one then http://websiteinfotech.club/MSIE/msie1.php?num=61-1800-431-370

I found these sites by going to this website http://www.engihub.com/ and clicking on the picture labelled ‘Impulse Turbine/Reaction Turbine’. Just be careful because some of the pop ups are hard to close and some contain pornography.

(Dead Link) Another one http://check-el.tk/123/index.html


hahaha i called the last link, was fun again almost a hour and they want

me to sell some security ofcourse for 500 dollar haha

they brought me to this sites


Thank you thelonewolf.

another one http://systemnews.club/MSIE/msie1.php?num=61-1800-431-364

[Dead Link] https://storage.googleapis.com/microsoft-windows-potential-virus-infections-detected-on-paku15/Microsoft%20Official%20Support-aus-auth.html

[Still working] Phone number: +611800954266

Error code they may ask for:0x80072ee7

The scammers seem to change the website pop up every few hours but they keep the phone number operating for several weeks. A fresh one is here:

Phone: +611800952984

Link: http://check-el.ga/123/index.html

Hi, can we all please have some more Australian tech support scammer phone numbers. Thanks, it would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

@Troy_Super_Star#22114 Are you in Australia?

My current list that do popups:

+61 1800431259 US Connect solutions

+61 1800431249 US Connect solutions

+61 1800957031

+61 1800431357

+61 1800431377

Current list that don’t do popups:

https://tweakbit.com/ +61 1800010408

www.premiumlivesupport.com +61 1800 431 375

supporthpprinter.com.au +61 1800431389

proludenetwork.com +61 1800952983

www.lenovosupportphonenumber.com/lenovo-support-number-australia +61 1800954262

www.ausittech.com.au +61 1800 057 078

http://premiumtechiesupport.com +61 1800832659

www.macpatchers.com.au (website is currently down) +61 1800 431 388

Sometimes they block silent numbers and I don’t currently know any way to spoof an Australian number.

Yes, I definitely am. Please keep us posted with any new numbers. Thanks for your cooperation! :slight_smile:

@Troy_Super_Star#22167 hey mate found this number that works 1800 431 448

TweakBit scammers Australian phone number:


More proof they’re scammers Tweakbit.com is a Scam - YouTube

Volume is low hard to hear the guy. Long time on hold but answer today.