Fake Student Loan Bastard Scammers Still Calling Me - Time For Some REALLLL Fun

Scam Number: (888) 252-2999
Domain Used: (N/A)
Extra Info: Ask for “Karen”, the name I was given when this dumb lady answered FYI: No accent detected again. I hung up during the middle of her opening bullshit speech. Occasionally takes a hot minute of hold music before connecting (after 1 min robot will say where you are in the queue though.). Finally got through - don’t have much time to troll rn.

I don’t care how many times a scammer calls, these guys are just pretty persistent with this scam soooo let’s teach them a little lesson - I was previously hoping they would be shut down already, that’s the thing but I guess not. They’re in fact one of the most active scammers of any sort I’ve ridiculously hilariously dealt with…