Fake PayPal (855) 889-9102 "invoice"

Scam Number: (855) 889-9102
Domain Used: team beaver
Extra Info: Another one on my phone history, when I called it they answer as PayPal, they ask for an invoice number and I gave my usual #8675309 with a total of $399.89 and they sent me to a teamviewer download.


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KELVIN Answered the first time, second time just said hello.

(855) 889-9102 Rings several times then drops no VM option

This number is still making calls, historical scam number. “Robert Brown” claims that Microsoft needs to check my computer for viruses and to see if my system’s compromised. Posted today on numberguru:

He wants to use ultraviwer as RAT.


Goes to Music on hold, then I got a girl who says Support… I asked if it is PayPal? she says no and hangs up

Jessica says its Microsoft Support. :smiley: