Fake Microsoft Alert with Australian Phone Number

Scam Number: +61 1800 749 246
Scammer’s Website or Email: hxxps://king-prawn-app-hr9sl.ondigitalocean.app/werrx01/?phone=+61-1800-749-246
Additional information about this scam: I use Skype to call these scammers. The wholesale provider for their phone number is NetSIP www.netsip.com.au

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New live website for the fake alert is hxxps://walrus-app-2-9xryd.ondigitalocean.app/werrx01/?phone=+61-1800-749-246

New live website for the fake alert is hxxps://coral-app-5e48r.ondigitalocean.app/werrx01/?phone=+61-1800-749-246

Got some more confirmed numbers on the same popup:
(08) 6311 7709 is whats on the popup
(02) 8006 2733 - Is the number ALex Wilson gave me to call back