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Scam Number: (914) 540-6771
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Additional information about this scam: Hi. This is a certified call from the Reader’s Digest. In association with the Mega Millions Lottery, we are happy to officially announce you as the first place winner in our 100 million dollar dollar Wheel of Fortune all giveaway prize. This drawing was sponsored by Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon and the Powerball State Lottery. You are the lucky first place winner and will be receiving a cash prize amount for $13,500,000, a brand new 2023 MercedesBenz, and also $5,000 every week for Lifetime. Congratulations. The Wheel of Fortune has made all the necessary arrangements in order for you to receive your prize, which is being processed as we speak. Your claims number is 3845. I repeat, 3845. For more info about your prize, please contact our claims department at 914-540-6771. That is 914-540-6771. Thank you. / 914-540-6771 | 19145406771 - Phone Scam Alert! - Nomorobo