Fake IRS Scammer Working Number

Fake IRS Scammer Working Number - 855-307-6690

Called a girl named Lisa so I just had to do another Tommy Wiseau impression on her lol. It was hilarious.

@SuperLinkBro#9279 What did she say ?


She kept saying OK bye but I also some how kept the call going by saying I love her (Lisa) so much (which if you know what “the room” is makes this call even funnier)

@SuperLinkBro#9282 Ok.


I recorded the call in case you’re interested


@SuperLinkBro#9284 LOL.

I’m about to call them what do I tell them

@Noaht928#9289 Put their mom on the phone

where doyou get these numbers please tell me

@exoticluckyt#9291 Search on Twitter, Forums, YouTube etc or get cold called by one of them. It’s just a matter of finding them and getting called by one of them.

@exoticluckyt#9291 Get scammer number off youtube or this site http://www.badnumbers.info/ or people in the hood .

@Noaht928#9289 Tell them any thing you want to say .