Fake CRA -- I got his real number and he called me

800 673 4492 – FIrst guy said this:


Then I called back 12 times until I got this him again and he talked to me. Of course, he got vile for a while and then he called me when I gave him my fake number.

HIS NUMBER IS: 519-344-8861 and now he is texting me.


@JusticeinTexas#75173 this is saying that’s the automated system of the San Diego police service?

@JusticeinTexas#75173 that number (519-344-8861) is the Sarnia Ontario Police Service…

Idiot scammer said I was stupid,their roasts are worst then their script :joy::joy:

Made it dead :frowning:

First one I made dead, second is the poilce…

@Crazygamer_16#75182 yea man their roasts aren’t even juvenile…a seventh grader could get them triggered lol.

@Darrell64#75181 HAHA! So he spoofed it. He texted me on it for an hour. So glad I could waste his time at work.

@Crazygamer_16#75182 Yes, we are the stupid ones when they cannot even read their scripts or think independently. Right.

@Ownsscammers#75185 A 14-year-old girl can get them triggered!

@JusticeinTexas#75198 FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 800-673-4492 I think I killed them.

@TheSpartan18#75203 Goats, anyone? Love your Firertc name.

@Darrell64#75181 Yes right. I checked it. It is the police number scammer is spoofing.

I wonder what app they use to spoof and can text?

I got a call from this number today I started calling them over and over from a online phone number that is not traceable. I just muted the microphone and kept on calling Seemed to be a small operations as the same 3 guys picked up and knew my fake name from my original call. Turned out that they shut this number down as i got a not in service message after 25 calls


@Darrell64#75234 I wonder that myself. Because I have texted with several of them. And it is them! I just text and text and text until they finally block me.