Fake Amazon (888) 926-0649 Text: "Amzn: Your card will be charted $568.87"

Scam Number: (888) 926-0649
Domain Used: They wanted to use anydex
Extra Info: Text stated: " Amzn: Your card will be charted $568.87 for order#19____. Contact Customer Care on 18889260649 to cancel the transaction "

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It rang for about 45 seconds then I hung up. I had a feeling it would ring forever.

I hate when my card gets charted.


It sounds a little scary :rofl:

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Had a lot of fun with this one.

I started out as a clueless older gentleman with “a Windahs computer” who barely knew how to open “the Google”. I marveled at the AnyDex landing page, reading every word slowly as my scammy little buddy tried to rush me along to the download.

Once poor old feller me had “installed” AnyDex, I struggled mightily to read the (fake) ID to my increasingly impatient bhenchod friend. Finally, when he tried and failed to connect, with great concern I told him an alert had popped up reading:

A known technical support scammer is attempting to connect to your computer. AnyDesk for Windows has blocked this action.
[ Ok ]

Mr. Chodie was very confused, but regained composure quickly enough to direct me back to Chrome and have me repeat the process with Ultraviewer.

As I struggled anew to get to site and install Ultraviewer, I made small-talk and started using increasingly technical terminology. But references to “attack vectors” and “zero-day exploits” from this ancient fuddy-duddy didn’t seem to get his attention. Now, with Ultraviewer “running” and ID/password provided, I told him that I’d once again gotten an alert:

A known technical support scammer is attempting to connect to your computer. Ultraviewer for Windows has blocked this action.
[ Ok ]

I thought for SURE this would be the hang-up point. BUT NOOOOOOO! His next plan was for me to open the App Store on my iPhone. Why? I asked. He told me that he needed to do everything he can to verify that my “IP wasn’t hacked”, of course!

At this point, my now-tech savvy Grandpa questioned that logic since I don’t use “the Amazon” from my phone, and “the IPs from my cellular provider would be in a completely different range from the one for my cable company”. I asked him to tell me which section of RFC-1812 describes how to hack an IPv4 address.

After a little more back-and-forth about subnets and routers, he finally hung up. :rofl:

TBTW (Total Bhenchod Time Wasted): 23 minutes.


LOL!!! That is awesome! I love to hear them scramble when they are confronted with logic :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This was especially fun because it was a slow build.

100 minutes with this Ghaziabad city scammer (near Delhi)