Extension to ‪(979) 300-2771‬ Travel Scam, "Help Line" Is ‪(646) 586-5047‬

Scam Number: ‪(646) 586-5047‬
Scammer’s Website or Email: [email protected]
Additional information about this scam:

  1. that email has a similar listing in the UK, dont think its a scam as of now
  2. They are just the worst, they’ve scammed so many people, i did avg of 35 minutes with these guys
  3. The way the scam works is that you actually want to purchase a flight, you call them up, and they hand out some stuff to you, you “sign” by copying the blue text, act as if you want to purchase a flight.
  4. I have a pdf of my experience and email, your “purchase confirmation” , name i got was “sumrita” or something along those lines, its interesting, they are not cohesive
  5. The pdf-
  6. (edit, im sorry, some background on the help line, they spoke to me in an indian language, and then i asked for english and they hung up)

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The number is connected to this thread as a callback number for PCM Travels, which was found impersonating alongside another scam travel company.

Sorry! I should have added that, i added it just as “help line” but yeah, Chronus is correct, fair warning, they might speak in an indian language, as they did for me.

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646-586-5047 Still Active Bruce Thursday 12-22-22 3:40PM EST