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Hello everyone, The Cryptocurrency world is very volatile and a lot of individuals have lost some crypto coins and crypto assets to online scams . I was also a victim of fake telegram personnels from Uniswap group. My wallet address security and 12 phrases got compromised and I lost all my crypto coins (Filecoin, Eth, Btc, and EthereumMax) to the tune of $164.000 . This left me so devastated and left me depressed at my lowest point because my family could’ve been homeless if I didn’t recover my crypto coins successfully which was most of my savings and financial assets. I laid my complaint in the group and a real group admin referred me to Adrian Lamo Wizard Inc. This cryptocurrency recovery agency saved my life by helping me recover all my losses in just six hours. I provided necessary requirements and relative information to complete the successful recovery of my crypto coins. I was filled with joy once I got my coins back .
Adrian Lamo Wizard- for help contact him on Email: [email protected] or WhatsApp: +31647921391 & Telegram: +31647921391


Obligatory “this is a scam spam bot” reply, it’s a nice self report




Obligatory “this is a scam spam bot” reply, it’s a nice self report

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Have you heard of Is this a scam platform for trading cryptocurrency?

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I’d say so yes. Also the first replies are a scam.

Contact me if you were a victim.


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Yes, I am a victim of them. How can I contact you?

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Thank you. I was scammed by these people. I wish there was a way to get my money back.

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D*ckhead bot