Endless Music Hold - Burning dollars?

I know it is Sunday, even scammers need a weekend break. But why leave their phone unattended? I’ve been on hold for over half an hour listening to their stupid music in the background. Earlier today, I called a different toll free number was on hold for about two hours before I hung up. They’re planting ear bugs!

@jaymee#130410 Yes, they do lose money when you are on hold.

I came back to my computer and noticed that the “Refund Department” hung up at the 1:59:51 mark. The meter was running on their dime all along.

@jaymee#130410 I do the same except I do not listen. I simply run bot 77 (BobRTC Tunak-Tunak)

@jaymee#130410 From Geeks I know that they paid $899.95 for 50,000 minutes, that's $0.018 per minute wasted. See email below.
These are the pure voip costs. Then usually they pay for calls aka that someone creates a popup and routes victim to them. These costs are additionally and are more expensive. As far as I know a couple of Dollars per call (since each call/victim has a chance of "earning" you $699.99 for the lifetime tech support).

![image premium-800-numberspng.png](https://tlscommunity.com/assets/2020-03-02/07:52:560-premium-800-numberspng.png)

Thanks all for the responses. So today I may have cost them a few bucks, no big deal, but taken all together, the community can not only waste their time, but also make a dent on their operating expenses.

@drwat#130425 77 rocks! Once it’s on. how do you stop it? I had it running with 44, and boy oh boy, how confused they were. Also, the recording doesn’t capture it, does it?

Now this led me to think

On sundays, I should call a scammer and leave my phone on the line idling for as long as it allows until it times out (if it will).

@jaymee#130501 Press 77 again to stop. Not sure if 44 works the same way or another avatar of the bot 44 comes on. 44 is a female asking the scammer if he is “Punjabi Munda” (Punjabi Indian chap). Very funny.

@NeeP#130428 @NeeP Thanks. In Facebook groups I see quotes in $1-$2 for each call

@drwat#130509 ahh ok yes these are the popup calls which are more expensive.

The total costs is the pure voip costs + the popup call costs. Although I’m not entirely sure if they need to pay for popup calls if they receive prank calls.