Ebay Scam - 856-315-2934

This is how she answered:

Perhaps they’re in Anantapur…?

I was going to order some sweets, but she stopped answering the TextNow number. :frowning:

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Their scam is to tell victims that they’re having problem XYZ with eBay due to a $50 “discount” that’s now offered, available only if you make your “purchase” through them using (you guessed it) an eBay card purchased at your local retailer. How nice of them.

NEW NUMBER: (717) 820-2918

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New Number - 717-820-2918

:rofl: same here JC.

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Jeff’s other textnow number is (408) 638-5769


Exactly…wanted me to go to walmart to purchase the card.

Got another woman who wanted me to go the AnyDesk route. That didn’t go well for her.

Meanwhile, more callback numbers:

(425) 332-4137‬
(206) 552-7435‬
(385) 249-9158‬
‪(469) 567-0777‬

This seems like a large operations, they answer Amazon and eBay interchangeably. Seems like I get a different bhenchod each time.

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NEW NUMBER: (866) 212-7140

Active 5:00 PM EST 6/18/21

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Still active as of 5:12 EST 6/18/21

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I annoyed the anydesk scammers by making walrus noises, seal noises, and other weird noises. They get pissed off very easily.

Edit: I play the target until they want me to read my AnyDesk ID or TeamViewer ID. Then they really get pissed and heated up.

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I’m surprised that they won’t block us. I think they like it when we terrorize them.

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Guys can you send me new and active numbers

The number “7140” has been added to the flooding system, thanks so much for this number. :partying_face:

Is the number still active?

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Yes they are still active, and you can hear the scammers yelling in the background, they are certainly getting mad! :slight_smile:

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Hoarding about wearing poopy clown all
day or only in call center :sweat_smile:

Here’s something that you might like.

1 ring DEAD

Still active as of 2:09 PM EST
(866) 212-7140
they are currently remoted into my VM and playing with my fake bank

Now reporting call did not go thru.