Ebay Scam - 856-315-2934

Scammer’s Number:856-315-2934
Domains Used:https://business.google.com/website/obrafurnituree
Extra Info:Scamming Ebay Customers

Still Active same website and same number

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They are so dumb. They have no idea that you cannot buy or sell firearms through Ebay. And they want to refund me my money before I even send the gun back.

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1855 857 6062 call back #

Yes, they called me back even after I called them names. Such idiots.

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New Number - 805-825-2909

New Number - 805-716-8374

I have reported the URL thanks!

Site still active new number - 805-716-8374

New number - 717-583-6839

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Hey Franklin, I am call flooding the scammer now.

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New Number 717-583-6839

I did that to the new number i.e 717-583-6839


717-583-6839 : Got human a few moments ago on 6/18 around 12:30ish p.m. EST. He did not seem to disagree with me when I mentioned Ebay. However, he did not seem to trust me because I did not have an exact amount.

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They don’t pick up. After constant rings, the call hangs up on its own

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Welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome to the group! :smiley::wink::+1:
Also to everyone out there:
Here’s another number

(669) 800-8486

Thank you

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Scambeech called me back from ‪(408) 827-7707‬. When I called this # back, she answered as supreme bakery, lol.

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More callback numbers:

(385) 489-5732‬
(805) 323-3209‬