Dumber than a box of Rocks (30 min)

512-564-8526 – These guys are dumber than dumb and just when I think they cannot get any dumber. Started the call talking in Hindi. I think that kinda gave the scam away. He came right out and accused me of being a drug dealer. OOPS, that was my son! I just have DWI but he had no idea what I was talking about. Got sent to the second idiot at DEA who could not figure out that I could not just take the money out and give it to somebody on the phone. Transferred to Treasury. He told me that his wife had equal rights (Yeah, right) and could take out all their money without talking to him (Yeah, right). I finally called him out and laughed at him. I said my son was 10 then later said my son had been in jail. I called my husband Richard then Ralph. Shows how much they listen.



@JusticeinTexas#75369 @drwat Help! What is he saying at the beginning and I think he says a few words throughout.

@JusticeinTexas#75375 YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS LOL

IRS Scam👌👌 "OKAY OKAY " 👌👌(sorry about the audio ) - YouTube

Can I make a suggestion? Your time would be better spent shutting these guys down with an autodialer, calling them 1000s of times a minute

That was interesting. “Lee Thompson” the impostor will not let his wife go out except for the vegetable market.

Before you starting talkingto the scammers,the scammer was saying to hs co-scammer in Hindi:

"kis sey baat hu? , kis madarchod sey baa hui? Kis madarChod ney gaalian die?

who was talking to you? which mfkr was talking to you?. which mfkr was abusing you?

When you brought the subject of DWI, the scammer asks the co-scammer in Hindi: "DWI kay hai?" What is DWI?