Drop your number and ill try to get you into the scammers list

Hey for the longest time, I’ve wanted to get phone numbers, and anytime I bring it up people also want them too and drop their phone numbers. Im going to group up all the numbers dropped off in here and since it’s a small database ill post it into a scammer telegram or such. Hopefully, I can get you all enough calls that you can attribute it to me :slight_smile:

Format your number like such:

+1 (304) 666-2347


really appreciate that
+1 (737) 271-3623

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TextNow - 360 Networks - SVR

Sounds great. Please add my german number:
+49 (176) 587-86759

Does it work with this number? Do you have any Other advice to get some german scam-calls?

  • 1 (740) 7819135

Not the place. Create a separate post.

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ofc its a textnow num pal

2093878857 Thank you very much… It means a lot…

+1 (916) 800-8724
Thanks m8

+1 (585) 568-7259

Any scammer needs a lawyer so tell them to call Saul!
8589556338 updated

Sound’s Good 434 608 9734

+1 661-206-2113

hi Coco11211 , we are currently performing some study about scammers and want to include our numbers to conduct this research. Is there an additional way to contact you?

Thanks in advance


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I mean seriously how trusted is this? I don’t know you from anywhere. I would NOT give you ANY of my numbers. For all we know you could be a scammer collecting numbers from people to put them on a list for scammers NOT to scam and not pick up. Personally I don’t think you are trustworthy… I wouldn’t give this person any numbers.

A scammer would never do that. They want people to call, not people not to call, there are so many phone numbers in the world, a short list of people not to call would do nothing, as they probably weren’t going to anyways. They would be far more likely to take our numbers, and then knowingly sell them to others. They don’t mind scamming other scammers.

You’re not going to be giving your personal number obviously, people aren’t that stupid. Moretime it’s their Talkatone, Google Voice, TextNow, etc.

You don’t understand how security works do you.