Double The Fun with two IRS Scammers! 12028524650 and 12022418026

Both of these are pretty low-tech, possible one or two-man operations that are already sick of me, so maybe some new callers will brighten their day!

Guy claimed it was just an information call lol

One or both may be down already… I’ll keep an eye on them. One of the guys must live on a busy street as I was able to hear car horns and people outside the “office”. :slight_smile:

And to WadeFrost, nicely played. Did that state-appointed attorney ever call you back? ;)

I think the numbers are down because it keeps saying call rejected

@Scambaiter2123#24159 Damn, they didn’t last long at all! Oh well, I’m sure some new ones will be popping up shortly. There never seems to be a shortage,

12022418026 is still active for anyone who was interested. The other is simply “call rejected” even from a landline. :frowning:

202 852 4650 still active as of March 15 2018. She gave me the name of Officer Michelle White and then transferred me to someone else wasn’t very polite.

@MistyA#24171 Thanks for the info. Not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer there. :slight_smile:

Two others that are still active are 12025456564 and 12027650209 as of 2:45 pm today (3/15).

Edit: okay, I just got "Call Rejected" on all 3 numbers. WTF? Do they not want to spend their time conversing with us fine folks?