Does Anyone Have more informations on BelugaFares

Domain Used:

Extra Info: Does anyone have more infos on and , I and two of the members , We contacted the Voip provider that provides them and we informed them about the scam service and they disconnected 4 phone numbers for them :

Is there anyone in India who could give us more informations ?
Do they use another phone, and do they have another website …

Thanks .

@JosephHM did you get scammed by them? What is the evidence of scam?

They scammed a lot of Canadians and also Americans , and that’s why we are here !

I talked with one of the supervisors , his Fake Name is Nate ( Nathan ) , and I asked him where they’re located and He said in NY and I asked him what is the capital of NY and he hang up lol .

If they’re legit , they will provide NUWAVE ( The Voip Provider ) the informations that they need !

That doesn’t answer NeeP’s question.

I sent you a private message dude .

As far as I know, this is the best that was given on the thread

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Dear Joseph,

This is regarding case CAS-09520-V6K6D6,
Current State: Active,
Is this case Escalated: No
Case Update:


These numbers are completely disconnected from our end.


All the phone numbers has been disconnected if you have any other phone number related to beluga / ticket support desk please let me know !

And what make me sick that some people here defended those shi*tty Indian scammers !