Debt Collection Scam- Threatened my wife

Scam Number: 877-278-4382
Scammer’s Website or Email: Contact | Bryant and Associates
Additional information about this scam:

First time posting here, really has me upset, because they threatened my wife. The company is Bryant and Associates out of California, they are some sort of scam collection agency. Told my wife they were going to have her put in jail for a credit card debit from 19 years ago if she didn’t pay them immediately.

Found these reports on them, apparently this is not new for them.

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Haha,I called them several times, they are so fake and stupid. I’ll keep on them for ya

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Thanks! I’ve called so many times they have blocked me. We are going to our local police station in morning and have them call, just so there’s an official record, not that we expect that will accomplish anything. Really just hoping people flood the lines so they can’t scam others.

They have not blocked any of my numbers yet lol,