CTB (Community Trust Bank) - 24HR CONVENIENCE LINE (SCAM?)

Scam Number: (888) 443-8504
Scammer’s Website or Email: (N/A)
Additional information about this scam:

Just received TWO missed calls from this number, a audio-less 22 second voicemail was left - Pointless! No audio! Un-explainable why they are calling. I had called and pressed “0” to talk to a “customer service representative”. A american old lady, no accent detected answered, when I explained to her I just received two missed calls I heard a beep go off, she then simply hung up seconds later. Without saying who she was or anything.

Can anyone confirm this is definitely a scam? @BiggusPrickus @drwat @MajorLeeAwesome

A (425) 705-1900 called me too shortly following - however no one was talking and no one is picking up when calling either.


knoxville, kentucky - one other lady who actually bothered to talk to me just a moment ago said they were located there and that’s the only “proof” she could give me apparently, she also claimed that they don’t hold a record of who calls who.

i came across this

then again, i am british for those who don’t know and we definitely don’t have this bank here for starters
i have no idea how legit it is. so correct me if I’m wrong!

Seems genuine (888) 443-8504

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Curious to know why they randomly called twice, and left a useless voicemail. And why the first lady I spoke to had poor customer service and almost straight away hung up on me when I challenged who was calling me.

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frankly, you have a valid point. Let us examine more.

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Exactly, thank you.

The other lady was just so unhelpful, as I already said - she couldn’t even provide me the website I discovered with the supposed number on, obviously fake websites nowadays look almost fully legit, though if you get what I mean. I am not saying in regards to COMPLETELY Targeting the number.

It’s simply a more of here’s whats happened, why has this happened - can someone PRETTY MUCH ASSIST me in confirming the callers legitimacy more like!

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I will work on it today.

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Thanks Doc! Let me know what you prescribe, haha.

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@drwat Doctor! Did you find out anything by chance?