Crypto Scammers (I am a victim of them, got scammed off of $9000 of my life savings from them)

From the screenshot it looks he has blocked you?


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Sir did the scammer not respond to you at all?

Unfortunately, he didn’t

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Sir please a humble favor from you, kindly help me spread this as much possible I really need some money to survive after this scam I am financially destroyed! Thank you and bless you!

Fundraiser: Arslan Naveed is on Tallycoin crowdfunding for Bitcoin and Lightning.

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Posted it on the discord (under promotion → # other) (did I ping you or did I ping someone else?)

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Unfortunately my discord message was deleted, I understand why but it’s still a shame that it did get deleted

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Why do you have a webhosted EC2 instance? It’s not Teamviewer also, it’s Windows RDP.

The fundraiser was deleted because of several reasons:

  1. the website doesn’t look legit. I have never heard of his website before in contrary to GoFundMe etc.
  2. I don’t think it’s fair and necessary to gather money for your failed investment. Especially if crypto is banned in Pakistan, you should have followed local laws

Thank you very much for sharing it Sir but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on discord

Moreover, for my fundraiser I have tried everywhere like twitter, reddit etc. but no help so far unfortunately. I even contacted some famous youtubers one of them being trainwreckstv but he simply blocked me on twitch and twitter and the others simply didn’t reply. I mean no disrespect or harm to anyone just want some serious financial help, anything helps at this point after this scam believe me Sir! If I wasn’t scammed I wouldn’t be here. Thank you and God bless

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I’m not tech savvy Sir at all. Just basic layman stuff. I don’t know what those things are. Those scammers tricked me using those things, I thought they were helping me recover my money.

  1. That website is legit Sir. He is the owner of it: In Pakistan, GoFundMe doesn’t provide service but it was the first place I went to for help.

  2. Sir I know it was a big big mistake but people get scammed all the time. I also agree it’s not fair to beg for donations like this, it’s not right but I am desperate for money. These were all my life savings that I lost to those scammers. I just want to recover from this traumatising loss. Also, Sir crypto is not banned in Pakistan. It’s just it’s not legalised but government don’t care. Many pakistanis are using crypto. Mostly people in Pakistan use Binance exchange because over there they have P2P service which makes it possible to cash out funds etc.

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check on etherscan

Please somebody help me recover my funds please for love of God I am barely surviving here…my life savings all gone, I admit I was stupid and idiot hence I got scammed like that but please help me please good people! Thank you and God bless :pray: :pray: :pray:

Please I beg you for the love of God help me recover my funds! Please please help me! :pray: :pray: :pray: