Crude Rude Pieces of Crap

607-595-0907 – End of day, rude foul mouth thugs and I apologize for saying a bad word but he ticked me off. He could dish it out but he could not take it.,



@JusticeinTexas#31271 Love the way you had to lead “Officer John Smith” through everything. “Didn’t you say you wanted my address?” Scammer: “OK, could you please give me your address?”

Also, why didn't he just hang up? He tells you "You can just hang up the call ma'am" I don't get it!

BTW- I wouldn't apologize for the bad word. Both of these guys are definitely filthy, disgusting goatf*ckers...

@6flagsray#31350 you tell them that?

@TheSpartan18#31352 I have not as I usually can’t talk to them while I’m at work (hence the sound effect calls). They know what they are though. And I’m sure what I called them is pretty tame compared to what some of the other callers have said. :slight_smile:



I don’t think so. He does this from work and he is also like me and does not use profanity unless really provoked. Neither of us is very good at it anyway so we leave that up to you guys who are. ; )