CRA Scam 249-200-0160 7/23 at 2:00pm PST

These guys are the worst of the worst. I tried to scambait him and he called me out for having a California area code. So I started to abuse him by accusing him of being a scammer. I asked him where he is from. He said he was from Pakistan. At one point in the call I asked him “why do you scam”. He said “So we can get money for weapons so we can blow up the US”. I said good luck on that one. I told him “you will come on your camels and before you even get across the ocean, we will blow you off the map”. I told him to stop scamming people and get a real job. There was a lot more exchange than what I am listing here. Unfortunately I was using TextNow and didn’t get a chance to record the call.

Out of all the scammers I have talked to, this one made me the maddest. I read some of the reports on bad call number web sites. Other people that reported on these web sites have said similar bad things about the people at this number. They are very rude.


@AlanGreen2#40764 At 7/23 at 2:54pm PST, the number now says “This call has been disconnected, good bye” and hangs up. Hopefully the number is no longer active.

Dead number