CRA Active as of 12:00 noon EST


You will receive a robotic message thanking you for calling the CRA Collections Help Desk (is that even a thing?) and then you are told to please stay on th eline to be connected to the next officer. Phone usually rings about 3 times, the message plays again and often the scammer picks up and is ready to go. I will say that I have angered them quite a bit as I literally got a hold of the same guy 12 consecutive times and blasted him with the "Ha Ha" sound effect. The sighs, groans, and obscenity-laced tirades almost make this silly little hobby worthwhile. :)

BTW- I don't think a Canadian number is necessary... but I could be wrong.

@6flagsray#27295 I have called them from my burner TX number and they pick up. I don’t think they care who they scam. I have had them answer CRA and then when I say I am in Texas have had them say “Oh, I meant IRS”. Really convincing!

@JusticeinTexas#27299 So even though their recorded message said CRA, they actually changed to IRS when they heard you were from Texas. No red flags there, eh? :wink:

@6flagsray#27303 Yup, brilliant strategy. I think he said the CRA and the IRS were the same thing. Yes, Canada and the United States collect each other’s taxes. What great friends.

@SeventhCube2832#27304 I am sure they will enjoy that one.