Cra: 778-696-2103

@Markiemm#76007 Wait can you see all the numbers that called them? do you see lots of numbers who called them.

@Darrell64#76004 Wow! The way the second officer (I cal them the “closer”) explained why you just had your refund and still owed money to the CRA sounds so believable to an unsuspecting victium.

Still active… Im having fun now…

Please note all my calls to them were with fireRTC where I spoofed their own number (778-696-2103). I like the record feature of that app.

@mavericklunarv#75963 i hate how they never own up to it , even after you’ve made it clear you know what their trying to do lmao

@Darrell64#75947 They don’t speak french at all they just say “Non” and hung up

@Haru#76049 Yup, if it was the real CRA it would be an 1-800 number and French & English bilingual service is provided. CRA can also arrange for a translator for many other languages with advance notice.


Mahvish Iqbal & Md Iftekhar Enam are running scam in USA and Canada also. They have Several websites and Phone numbers to scam in USA and Canada.They have a Fake shopping website to make fool Americans.
They use this website to scam people. All the numbers on this website belong to them and all call connect directly with them so they can easily scam.
These guys said that the company was going out of business and they had to refund everyone's money that they paid last year. they had returned $850. instead of $400. and asked to get $450 in gift cards from our local store and send it to them through Itunes.

@techscammer#76142 you look suspicions.

2019/02/20: 9:30 AM EST, they are still operating 778-696-2103, and they are easily triggered today, I am still calling spoofing 778-696-2103… They raged and blocked that number for some time yesterday until they realized it.

778-696-2103 keep hammering them.


My YouTube video is now up.

778-696-2103 call centre

@Darrell64#76004 I often use the name Mange LeMerde, I might try Câline de Bine next time…

Some Indian scammers who scam there: (fake names)

Michelle Loren, Kevin Johnson, Danny, Eric Young, George Thompson Andy Lawson

@techscammer#76142 benchode