Cra: 778-696-2103

2019/02/19: 10:16 AM EST: 778-696-2103 Kamloops, BC

Failed my "Bonjour, parlez-vous français? Je ne parle pas anglais.." test got the nobody speaks french here, and the demand speak english line.

I asked why no français? As it's the Law of Canada, he said don't tell him the law, because he is the LAW.

2019/02/19: 10:16 AM EST: 778-696-2103 Kamloops, BC

CRA won't ID himself

CRA ask who the f*** are you..

I speak french Il have a nice talk with them. am going to spam them with some french talking .

Not getting any response, have they already given up?

Officer Andy Lawson asked I had a lawyer, they demanded his number. New variation, I asked what this was about and they won’t give me the info. Went to did you receive a call from your local RCMP (note I was calling with a San Antonio, TX number)

@mavericklunarv#75951 “Bonjour, parlez-vous français? Je ne parle pas anglais…” is my entire French vocabulary, other than a few curse words. I often call using the name Mange LaMerde, as it is funny how the fauxCRA can find each and everything for that name…

Officer “Danny” became “Eric Young” LOL (sorry I had the LAPD radio playing in the background) Note I used one of their call centre pseudonyms. Address was demolished a few years ago. Police dispatch and beeps were to throw the opener off a bit. In Canada the Sheriff Officers are court bailiffs, not coppers. (8 minutes recording)

I bombard their little call center.

@MELLOH7#75953 I called recently spoofing their own relay number (778-696-2103) said hi, it’s me again! The scammer raged and said “I am going to block this number too…”

LOL, score! he blocked his own number.. I love fireRTC

@MELLOH7#75953 They are blocking numbers cuz of me

I made these guys go apeshit. One of them scammer told me he was playing with his balls. and told me other things.

@Darrell64#75969 They think its me recon. Cuz of this FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 778 696 2103

Lmao I called them like 3 times and now they want me to write my SIM number on a piece of paper and put it up my *ss

I have been calling these chytias for 66times

@Markiemm#75984 Tell them recon

sent you

@Markiemm#75990 They know my voice. I called they called me a Bhenchod

Here is my recording:

They are still live.

@Markiemm#75990 what is that picture?

2019/02/19: 12:05 PM EST;

Justin Trudeau called them and talked to them for 22 minutes, in the end they did NOT offer and resolution hard to scam if they give up this easily. Opener was eating or chewing during the call (SIN was from a fake SIN site) Address is the Canadian House of Parliament where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau works... LOL

Maybe the higher authority figured it out?