CPU - Max temperatures - i7 4790K

Have you ever wondered if it’s safe for your CPU to be running at extreme temperatures, such as 90 C+?

Well, I would never recommend running it at these temperatures for too long, but I've managed to reach 101 Degrees Celsius with my i7 4790K, using Prime95.
Of course, after hitting 100C, the CPU started thermal throttling in order to prevent it from getting any hotter, and potentially damaging itself.

Here's a screenshot of my thermal monitoring program:

![image hwinfo64-2017-01-23-02-51-05png.png](http://www.scammer.info/assets/files/2017-01-23/02:52:570-hwinfo64-2017-01-23-02-51-05png.png)

My old AMD processor used to run at more than 110 degrees Celsius all the time before I replaced it; it was never damaged or affected by the heat.

What cooler do you have? If you’re just running the stock cooler I’m not surprised that you have temps like that, mine gets around 88c max, and hotter when overclocked on an air cooler… I need to get a closed loop watercooler.