Comcast xfinity scam 855 484 4016

Scam Number: 855 484 4016
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Got a call on my real number that went straight to voicemail which reads as follows:

Hi there this call is to remind you that the 50 percent discount offer on your xfinity account expires today in order to unveil the discount please call back at 855 484 4016 from 8am to 4pm PST. Thank you and have a great day.

So I don’t have an xfinity account and I called and spoke to the actual company. The lady was very professional and helpful. She said her mother got the same message and that it is most certainly not legit. She said the scam entailed them claiming that they could provide a 50 percent discount, which the real company does not offer, but first the victim must pay 700 dollars up front.

You guys know what to do.


This is what’s commonly known as a neighbor spoofed number they call with to illicit callbacks
I finally got it to kick over to “Concast” X-finity eventually

So I did in fact call the number and reached a criminal. The number that placed the call was 337 288 3905 out of Lafayette LA.

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It’s clicked over to comcast from the leadgen and gift card bullshit when I slammed it with a few thousand calls per second

all I got with the first few hundred calls was leadgen/giftcard nonsense

855-484-4016 Edward Friday 3-17-23 6:40PM EST

If you talk to Jeremy, remind him that i saved a victim from giving him $700 yesterday.

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Active on Saturday…Punjabi accent.

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