College roommate scam phone #'s and emails

So… I was looking for a roommate on CL and received a message from a “cognitive researcher” in Alaska looking to start grad school in the area, who wanted to rent and she asked me to arrange payment with her “Dad”. They wanted me to secure the room by sending me the deposit. So far, he sent me a check to “secure the room” and asked me to deposit the check in my personal account, and go pick up “her car” by wiring money through a Wal-Mart account to the “car dealer”. So… I haven’t contacted him since I received the check, and I haven’t deposited anything or given him my account information in any capacity I just voided it and stopped responding. Cops were kind of dicks about it, but essentially said I caught the scam before it actually got me. I don’t really want to fuck with him myself, (I’ve had enough of him for a while) but I’m tempted to see if anyone else would enjoy doing messing with him? He spent a bit of money sending out that check at the very least (at least $16) and he will make personal calls. I imagine calls aren’t cheap from Nigeria. Since yesterday, he’s been threatening to send me to “the FBI and CIA” since I stopped responding to his “time sensitive” requests. So I thought I’d put it out there because I find it annoying that he’s accusing me of trying to “screw him out of money”. Any takers? I’d be pleased if someone felt like wasting his time. Will post email and phone numbers (all 3 of em! If anyone is interested).

@MadJ16#4317 put them up

@MadJ16#4317 Lucky for you I can call him from the my work number (Local FBI jurisdiction), feel free to email me his number ([email protected]) and all the info you have on him. I’ll be more than happy to scare him shitless.

What’s the number

Of course; we can scare them and convience them to quit.

I guess you are taking your time off to do this but No numbers in this post.