Cheapflightsfares 844-811-1132

They are fraudulent airline ticketing organization.

60 BBB complaints , example:

victim: “.I called to book 3 emergency one way tickets. I was under the impression I was calling Air Canada.”

They tack on fees in the credit card w/o informing the victims.

When a victim calls they use western names and insist that they are in the USA.

Phones: 844-811-1132 (888) 223-2997 (866) 854-8607 (877) 774-1201

(844) 652-7077 (216) 357-9366 18445431303

They are Indian scammers running operations in Delhi suburb.
USA operation is headed by a female with Indian name: Tanya Chadha
Note: Tanya Chadha and Dishant Khanna have been previously identified in BBB files as affiliated with scam
Pro PC Repair Also Indian scammers)

@drwat#65371 lol i was actually going to north Korea lol hahaha


Agent Kevin

Agent Doris

Agent kade

Agent Harper

Agent Greg

Two calls.

One: forgot to record Guy literally lost it and thought I was lower than him.

Two: I literally talked to a gay guy for almost 40 minutes and I recorded it. (guy from earlier was right behind him the entire time and even got the chance to insult me more for a few)

Also: Sound warning at certain places. This guy just… pulls through soundblasts.



Calgary woman warns about booking airline tickets online following ‘travel nightmare’ |

Poor woman in panic, she was duped by Indian scammers Cheapflightsfares 844-811-1132

located in Mohali/Chandigarh in Punjab, India

i finna call these motherfuckers later today. ill let you know what happens. i never knew how much fun calling fake travel centers would be. just yesterday i told a scammer that i wanted to book a flight out of norfolk to mogadishu, somalia. The guy bought it.

Tried to post something earlier but messed it up and fell asleep. I did two calls to these dudes.

First one I made the dude rage after giving him a fake card number.

Second one? I literally talked to a gay dude, for 40 minutes. I have the second recorded. …The sound is messed up though. And I kinda was a bit far off at the end. So rather not post that.

I wasted their time in an hour’s worth. Worth the effort.

@lasallianrevolutionary#66526 I’ve been calling them for 4 hours and asked them if they play fortnite shit is hilarious

Scammer threatening to Curse you unless you pay

Dumbest one yet. Regardless, its worth a call


Well, due to many of our efforts, these guys are now doing backscreening checks for fake details. They also bluff with trying to ‘work with the FBI’.

They don’t even keep the call up after ‘finding out’ like that. We’ll need better countermeasures.

Calling them on Bobrtc doesnt work.

@drwat#65371 I called and they did not answer. The voice mail was an Indian guy saying he cannot answer, and will scam me lat-AUGHHHHH!!! That was the voicemail.

Unsure if number is dead. Rings, plays 2 seconds of a hold song, then disconnects.

Its up at the moment (17.00 gmt 10/10/19) as I am currently ordering 3 cross america tickets!!

This guys (Charles… yeah, right) a real heavy breather … it weird and creepy hearing him huff in my ears … ewwww!!

They answer but they keep hanging up after a few seconds for some reason

time to confer calls. They sure will love talking to their buddies

They require you to press a keypad number, probably to prevent call flooding and scam baiting bots

@atomicdragon136#113369 most numbers have press a number

CFF follows this pattern:

  • - Scambaiters slowly quit calling the number
  • - When the coast is clear, CFF removes the IVR menu
  • - Someone discovers they got brave again, sends a flood
  • - CFF implements IVR level "1"
  • - Calls continue
  • - CFF implements IVR level 2, where they ask for two numbers
  • They have also shortened the amount of time that a digit can be pressed. You do not get an error, but short music and then an offer for a callback and then a hangup.

    It's easy to annoy them with two tabs open on Rapid Redial, make sure you position the tabs so you can see and press the keypads on both tabs, and then just hit the numbers

    I called so many times that I am pretty sure they shut off the phone lol