CBD OIL Next level 18002807375

Scam Number: 1800 280 7375
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Called “Next level” Cbd OIL … Wants CC NAME PHONE Address… first batch costs 38.75 for first 12 days … If u ask for money back they refund 29.00 dollars … nothing on internet about this says no site … delivery comes from mesa AZ


Can u guys call and scope it out?

How does this scam work?

Are you sure it’s a scam?

They want u to buy CBD OIL what do U mean

Just curious

Got from BOB not on internet would trust someone no info about company with ur CC

I don’t think a partial refund immediately indicates a scam. Couldn’t you just contact them? I contacted them and it seems fairly genuine. A human answered the phone and asked for my name - they don’t seem to be trying to fake any accent. I told them my name in an intentionally quiet voice, and they asked very humanly “I’m sorry, what’s your name?”

Couldn’t you just contact and ask why you didn’t get a full refund?

I did there is NOTHING ON INTERNET the 3 things that say next level don’t have this number… it on BOB and I scoped it talked to the dude still just cuz he seems genuine
doesn’t mean he a scam just cuz he American doesn’t mean it not a scam

Call their number that you used to buy it and ask why you didn’t get a full refund.

Draco, you have a point. I agree with you because I spoke with car warranty and gift cards scammers before and they had American accents. Their ethnicity doesn’t clear their conscience. The content of their character does.

I know being American doesn’t prove it’s not a scam, but there isn’t significant proof it isn’t or is a scam. I am leaning toward it either being a scam or just a shady company, but I’m not going to start scambaiting until I am 100% sure. We need to be very careful to not hurt a genuine business.

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Look it up on google. Found NOTHING

I’m not sure what you mean. Why does looking it up on Google and finding nothing show it’s a scam? What happened when you called and asked why you only got a partial refund? I’m sorry if I’m just not understanding you - please clarify.

Oh I didn’t ask him just sketchy from get go
If its not there the intetnet as a legit company then I doubt he is legit. he can just get a 1800# anyone can … And say he is blah blah. ask him about partial refund …can u? Can’t call right now

But wanna know about it what he says

I see what you mean. I will soon.

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Asking about the refund …
why partial … How long u business ? Can’t tell me off hand how long been in business?what kind of shit is that? On hold … Gave me number to call 1800 593-3150
CBD OIL … Omega supplement
Because you would get trial fee back.thats what she said about partial refund after she gave me 2 phone numbers thats not on internet. They are a part of omega supplements … Talking to lady … On hold and she aint back

She has no info. SCAAAAAAM

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Giving me
866 856 4526 then call says number changed

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