Carrier Reporting Threads

As some of you have noticed, I’ve created a few threads to categorize scam numbers by carrier.

I did this as an experiment and did not expect the threads to take off so, thank you for supporting my efforts!!

I plan on making more threads for other carriers. Feel free to let me know what carrier you want to see.

I report numbers to carriers on a daily basis and I’m hoping to gather more numbers through this powerful platform so that we can really show the carriers as well as the FCC just how bad the telephone fraud situation is.

I’m also looking to do something about common but agressive telemarketing practices by “legal” companies. I have one company that called me at least twice a day every single day. Also daily SMS. That kind of harassment won’t fly anymore.


I hope to soon post this one of the hundreds of ongoing investigations I’m currently doing into a serial robocaller.
I have set my advanced dialers searching for all their numbers across every area code and so far have in excess of 1000 numbers routing to the same place. These are all TextNow/Onvoy/Inteliquent/Sinch Voice-NSR-10X/1 numbers they’re using for this garbage.
I’m estimating conservatively there will be between 1000 and 1500, closer to the latter being the more likely
I should be finished it overnight tonight before I get my normal 1-4 hours sleep a day.

This is still nowhere near the largest amount of numbers I’ve found routing to the same place.
I’ve had a very long investigation ongoing for the last 8 months or so, which has so far yielded just under 3000 toll free numbers after searching through over 1 million sequential numbers in the lower ends of the 833 and 844 prefixes
I have another 300,000 or so still to search through to join them all together to find every number these fraud artists are using
They’re defrauding people to the tune of tens of $Billions (with a capital “B”) each year and despite all the fines and ongoing legal action against them, they will never walk away from the bonanza they rake in daily.
There is not a single thing which escapes my notice, no matter where or what they try to do.


Think I keep getting calls from your 830 numbers, they hung up. think it got removed from the link. maybe when scammers transferred to different scambaiting phone lines.