Canada Revenue Agency Scam 514-461-0185

They just called me and the Nagamese/Indian lady on the phone talked with a fake American/Canadian accent


[“Canada Revenue Scam 514-461-0185”,“Canada Revenue Agency Scam 514-461-0185”]

Montreal area code, I guess I’ll call and ask for a French speaking agent…

Oh noes, wasted their time and they got butt hurt. Actually on my last call I got an “officer” who spoke passable English demanding I don’t call them again. He then read out the bogus name I had on a Google Voice account and said I was ****** in Texas. So I assume they Googled the number. I really have to get firertc however I can simply kill that old GV number.

Number is Montreal area code the officers after my standard request for a french agent claim they are in Toronto and they don't need to speak french.

Under Official Languages Act of Canada R.S.C., 1985

35 (1) Every federal institution has the duty to ensure that

(a) within the National Capital Region and in any part or region of Canada, or in any place outside Canada, that is prescribed, work environments of the institution are conducive to the effective use of both official languages and accommodate the use of either official language by its officers and employees;

I got one snarky "officer" saying you think you know more than me?

Time to switch to another virtual phone and call them back, Mr. Mange LaMerde is just getting warmed up..