Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam

Just got a robocall from 226-270-2257 claiming that I was guilty of tax evasion and if I didn’t pay up I would be arrested and deported. Instructed me to call back at that number to speak with an officer. You know what to do.

When I call, it just says “Sorry, but the users mailbox can’t accept more messages”.

@AlanGreen2#35472 I called back and that’s not what I got - maybe try again?

Edit : Yeah I'm still reaching a person, we're probably just hitting them hard

If it wasn’t Canada I call. I get charged.

@Beachboy#35475 for international numbers (most, since I’m Canadian) I use this service.

Have fun and shut them down!!!

226-270-2257 not working

Most of the time it goes to a voicemail box that is full.

I got David Bite(me). The senior investigation officer of the CRA.

12262702257 call rejected

Call rejected