"Can you try out a game for me" Discord SCAM (Includes server to FLOOD)

Popup - Home - DimensionLands

A WhoIs lookup reveals the domain was registered in the Cayman Islands on June 2, 2021 - Whois dimensionlands.com

VirusTotal - VirusTotal

Associated Discord Server - Dimension Lands LLC (discord.com)

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

According to one of the victims, “Not Kotori,” the program is secretly designed to steal your Google and Discord login information.


Someone was actually just talking about this to me. I’m in the middle of looking into this.

best thing to do is to report the domain to google safebrowsing

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Looked into the web dev, pretty sure the same guy who did the phishing (proof)

  • Discord: Levi.#1337 (ID: 754224088490311800) a moderator for the server with a lot of linked accounts and bad privacy

    • Youtube channel Dizory - literally advertising a malware and other shady stuff
    • [email protected] - Levi Batkin, Dizory, levifromdiscord, ukphotography (plus the site ukphotography dot club - a previous photo gig, photos from it on Google Business )
    • +44 7542 505576 - has a Whatsapp account
    • A page proving that they are the devs of the original thing
    • Also from the Github (possibly linked to a school or sth): East Sussex, United Kingdom
    • An Instagram account with the name Levi Batkin - Age 16, matches with the linked YT account from Discord
    • Possibly faked address from WHOIS: 38 Courter Rd 38329, USA
    • an owner of levitech.xyz (his phone and mail match)
    • store at levitech.xyz/store selling WMWare Workstation licenses and “lxcid is sexy”
      Will immediately send a report to [email protected] with all this proof. Will also report Levi.#1337 on Discord for distribution of malware and propagating said malware.

Additional info: WHOIS available at Hostinger’s WHOIS service (I don’t want to be sued by Hostinger), the mail matches with the YT mail which matches with the Discord

P.S.: All links are archived ar archive.org, gg wp

“Possibly faked address from WHOIS: 38 Courter Rd 38329, USA”

The address is fake, he lives in East Sussex United Kingdom


China.#1337 DarkNight#6543 Innocent#9999 should be checked out

there is innocent#9999 id:142114690703556608
she/he has a spotify Disease on Spotify
If u look at the attachment discord roles there is a clear indication that he/she is involved greatly

wtf? the server has been hacked random channels and more are addedd

Levi also owns https://lbdev.tech/ and https://dl.lbdev.tech/ goes to Dimension Lands.

Might as well move this to “name and shame”

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it’s done

his current discord: @Disabled Account 7dhsi2sh7e#2710

discord id: 754224088490311800
his personal discord server: Dizory’s Discord & Bot Support 🎉💕

they seem to have deleted all their websites and their Github account.


The server has been nuked by its owner (still functional tho), Discord switched to Rixels#1337 (ID 241911082078306304) and YT renamed to Rixels with the only video being a stolen lo-fi track. Well, it had some nice content over there but what can a scammer do.
IDK and pure speculation but we should check up the admins of the server as well. The Steam profile of the one seems very suspicious indeed, it has only 2 friends and one from them is from the UK and the other is privated.

Levi on the same account (Rixels#1337)
Innocient → Disease#5555 (ID 858828965321768970 )
new guy fxith#0999 (ID 245935702267789312 )

new server, low verification, an active VC and text channels, feel free to please yourself:

advertised as a marketplace but sells nothing, what a scum.

rixels (Bill Marley) · GitHub is online, renamed to “Bill Markley”, leads to a computer repair company
Location fake, location possibly at Bexhill, likely a bait
Cashapp: levbat2004

New domains: sehotgame.xyz Hosting Nitro Phishing scripts ( github: rixels/nitrogen/blob/main/index.html )
mortalsplus.xyz - Discord advertising bot
springservices.xyz - “A Nitro Generator”

New phish: https://get-clouds.com/ (file deleted)
Malware leads to a Windows user “batkin” compiling it

This guy is relentless, I recommend we move this over to the wall of shame.