Call UK or International Scam Numbers for Free

Here are two places that let you call UK or other International numbers for free, enjoy: -> Click SpyDial.

Just to add, TextNow ( also allows calling to the UK free.

@Neooom#191106 Actually it doesn’t anymore. Maybe you are on an old style account and they still give you it free, but if you try create a new one, its definitely not free.

@reportscammers#191132 I have had my account for around 2 years or so, so that could explain it.

@reportscammers#191132 If its toll free you can.

Nice to see you guys are reaching out to potentially supporting the UK too. I will continue to post numbers where I can.

Todays HMRC number is 07412 617 274 (I have got 4 bank accounts from them already) have some fun :)

@Dan_Gleeballs_Youtube#191279 I’m from the UK, and it’s been rather hard to find a good solution for UK calling.

@Neooom#191294 Ahh amazing !! Do you have a Youtube channel?

Are there any websites for the UK, you can recommend for obtaining numbers? I tend to use & it is very reliable however having access to more certainly will help.

Also what is the best way to get my numbers listed for scammers to call me back

Much love !!

@Dan_Gleeballs_Youtube#191295 I used to have a YouTube channel. For getting numbers, I’m not too sure there. Who-called is a good source, but it’s hard finding any UK specific site.

As for getting the number listed, I used to have a number which I shared everywhere, for all signups and called lots of scammers from it. Signed up to shady giveaways and surveys etc. Got me many calls.