BobRTC and TextNow don't work, any alternatives

Hi All

I'm new here and I would like to know any alternative options to calling scammers. I am from the UK and i would be useful to be able to call overseas / premium numbers ect.

Whenever i create a TextNow account i get an error message.

I keep getting calls from numbers that begin with:



Are there any other options?

Hey, fellow UK Scambaiter here.

I use textnow with no problem. Here's the steps I took to get past the error:

  • 1. Get a browser extension vpn called “Uvpn”
  • 2. Set it to Italy
  • 3. Go to textnow and sign up
  • 4. If it doesn't let you past that page after a successful sign up then just go to ``
  • 5. Remove the vpn, won't need it for login.
  • Let me know how that works out :)

    Edit: How come BobRTC doesn't work? It won't work in some browsers (Like edge, I think). I'd recommend a chromium based one. I use Firefox.


    @Eth0_Sec#174003 Remove the vpn, won’t need it for login.

    Yes, it won't work for me either when using my vpn, but my brave browser has a vpn and it works fine with it.

    @JusticeForAll#173997 What issue did you have with BobRTC?


    A couple of things to bear in mind when using BobRTC.

    Nearly all of the scammers on there operate on US business hours, so calling them at odd times from overseas may not work. Also, numbers tend to go down quite quickly when they are listed on there, so a number from a month ago probably won't still be live. The best way to find numbers which still work on there is to have a look in the number lobby chat rooms.

    I’m Having trouble with BobRTC here in the US. Mostly connection issues and microphone issues when it does connect.