BOB RTC is shutting down

@ScamChod, I used to flood them too. Very effective in getting them to kill their rented DIDs. Also, Sandbar has always been helpful and a great source of information. Sandbar and I have teamed up on many attacks and she could waste scammer’s time for days/weeks on end.


@RadioNetworker Thanks. I’m also looking into MicroSIP. A team scambaiter pointed me in that direction. I have it working now. Do you have any experience with it?

@MehNamesJeff. Hey there. How goes your scambaiting efforts?

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Not too shabby my friend - Been busy in recent times so I’ve had to put my scambaiting stuff on half a hold sadly! Always nice to have another join the force. How’s it going for you?

All goes good here. I’m setting up my scambaiting system again after a one year break. Will team up with Sandbar again. Dedicated laptop is ready with MicroSIP and Desktop is ready with TextNow.

I’m hoping that MicroSIP can be used for flooding via batch processing. I was one of BobRTC’s main flooders for SSA scammers. I loved ear raping them with my rooster. They threatened to kill me. I wished them luck with that.