"BEST game cheat community" SCAM SERVER (PLEASE FLOOD!)

Link (Dangerous): Gaming CH Community

PeterMoore✌#4415 (UID: 958387775722360894)
HenryFren#8348 (UID: 958136313033408563)

Associated Discord Account - BruceFork#3877 (UID: 960115960684118046, From the BoomTV server)

VirusTotal - VirusTotal - File - d12936d3758e9c81861d629093c87e81c854554889703d6e33c8996511b9ef40

Any.Run - CheatLauncherPriv_1.rar (MD5: 9F765D083F13080893AD66F8988BA79B) - Interactive analysis - ANY.RUN


Program contains several trojans, including BScope, Convagent, Eldorado, FakeAlert, Oneeva, SusGen, Tnega, TrojanDropper and a variant of the RedLine tracker. A connection is also made to the domain api.ip.sb, which is registered under CloudFlare, to obtain their victims’ IP Address.