Benin Scammer (French/English)

I’m not sure if the phone number is still working, but here’s the email anyways

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +229 98895196

Email (Yes this is how the email is formatted)

His Excellency, Dr. Patrice Talon President of Benin Republic. Attention, Good day dear beneficiary. This is the president of Benin republic by name Dr. Patrice Talon. I am writing this email to inform you that after the meeting held in my office this morning been MONDAY which consist between the United States Embassy and the United Nations,African ECOWAS we have concluded that you will be compensated with all the money you have lose in the hands of Africans and most especially NIGERIA precisely. After receiving many complaints that many was scammed through WESTERN UNION,BANK TRANSFER AND DELIVERY COURIER COMPANIES (atm cards and consignment packages) including CHAMBERS as well,so I'm pleading with all scammed citizens that anyone that has been scammed due to one reason or the other and for anything would be compensated back and no matter your country or continent, AFRICA, ASIA PACIFIC, ENGLAND, EUROPE, ETC. all scammed person(s) would be compensated and would be sent their compensation funds. Furthermore, every client and beneficiaries would be send their compensation fund sum of of $15.5Million USD each. And this fund would be sent to you through BANK DRAFT CHECK it would be sent to you in form of an executive enveloped sealed letter and there will nothing like any delivery agent or courier company involved in this, perhaps,this letter would be sent to you through POST OFFICE and would be sent directly to your home address and P.O BOX. Therefore, all beneficiaries is expected to send the below details for fast procedure and immediate co-operation; Full Name:::: Home Address::: Country::::::: P.O. Box Address: Postal Address::: Telephone Number: Age and Sex:::::: ContactTelephone Number:+229 98895196 Finally, all the scammed beneficiaries would be sent this compensation fund of $15.5million and the only money that would be involved in this would be the posting fee of $55 each and this would be the only money that would be paid by the beneficiary of the funds and that is all. Moreover,there will be no C.O.D in this stated method of payment and every beneficiary has from now till the 11th of FRIDAY 2017 to comply and correspond with this office respectively. Be informed to use this below information to make the payment of $55: Receiver's Name::::Chuks Ezechi Country:::::::::Benin Republic City::::::::::Cotonou Text Question::WHEN Text Answer:::NOW Amount:::::$55 MTCN.::: Sender:::: Your urgent and fast response is highly needed and would be highly appreciated, so as to enable this issue to be settled once and for all here is the mail you will contact E-mail ([email protected]) ok. His Excellency, Dr. Patrice Talon President of Benin Republic. Telephone Number+229 98895196 YOUR BANK DRAFT CHEQUE OF $15.5MILLION HAS APPROVAL TODAY

Randy! Your $15.5 million dollars is going to be sent through the regular post office! How exciting!

@CyTheDeilveryGuy#12012 I can’t wait.