Awesome popup and number that routes to all sorts of call centers

Call between the hours of 9am and 9pm eastern US time. This number seems to route to a bunch of different call centers and I get someone different all the time!! SPAM THE SHIT OUTTO THEM!

number: +18773887366

Still works with FireRTC

I have been spamming these guys for 3 days now every chance I get to sit down and have a 30min talk with a scammer… funny as hell! popup has been up for atleast a week and the number never changes

As of right now, 8:17 PM EST, I hear the “please wait”, then I’m transferred and the call disconnects after that.

the link still works from around 9am -9pm ish est. the number has changed to 855-263-5875

@Forsaken#1465 I keep trying to order pizzas from these guys and they keep getting SOOOO pissed.


@chrispierrebacon#1572 I loved your idea so much that i am also insisting that these guys are a takeaway!

i have been using a soundboard on them all day saying that im tech support and they need help lol

Scammer - “This is a prank call, I need to hang up this call”

Me - Bakrichut

One of the best numbers i have seen in while! Thanks for posting!


It makes sense since these scamming operators are held accountable by their managers for cutting the call without a legit reason. It is just like telemarketing.

877 386 7553 is the number

new number from popup: 18889690849

tried to syskey me at the end ?

current number: 18552675630

tried to sell me hardware firewall for 2k $

Haha loved it!

new number from popup: 18889839835

Now showing 18552012199

@thunder#1899 when i called the number it says ‘‘Thank you for calling technical support please wait’’ both times and then just hangs up

They got epic scammers there, ROFL.

Trolled someone to death.