Australia Fake "Telstra Support" - A2Z Weebly Website (1-888-886-0477)

Here is a real legitimate looking website (SARCASM INTENDED) I found offering the full gamut of support for Telstra:

@ThatAussieBoganBloke#115016 These bhenchods call from spoofed innocent people’s numbers.

No doubt they are bhenchods.

AussieScamBuster is having a crack at getting through every few hours apparently and if he gets through then the number will hit BobRTC for some fun and games .... hope he gets through on a call (and hopefully they are not spoofing numbers so we can smash them) :)

@ThatAussieBoganBloke#115025 Got a call from them using a poor, innocent 80-year old grandma’s phone number. Of course, I told her and she said that I’m a saint for letting her know that her phone number is being “hacked”. I even advised her to tell her telco that her phone number is being spoofed. (I used layman’s terms, such as “hacked” to make it easier for her to understand)

I wish her the best, poor thing. I just hope she doesn’t get abused.

Yeh - pigs they are … how dare they!


@Tails#115023 the benchord was tryin to tell me i have got the wrong number and its not a scam and then he goes onto say if i call again he will kick me arse and then i asked him how do you suppose you will do that over the phone and he hung up hahaha they are so fun to annoy.

https://REMOVED/phonebook/dial/18888860477 active