AT&T scam (833) 852-2046 (845) 633-3745

Scam Number: (833) 852-2046 (845) 633-3745
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Fake alert:
Service Transfer

Michael [email protected]

Friday, June 07, 2024 6:40:31 AM


Service Transfer Confirmation

Customer Support +1 (845) 633-3745

Dear Customer,

Your request to transfer your DSL broadband services to AT&T has been successfully processed. Starting from the next billing cycle, your home phone and internet connection will be provided by AT&T. A transfer fee of $389.00 has been charged to your checking account and will be reflected on your bank statement within 48 hours.

If you wish to cancel this transfer, please contact us immediately.

Thank you,

Team AT&T

Customer Support:
+1 (845) 633-3745
+1 (833) 852 2046

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845 Verified T-Mobile
833 RingCentral

Scammers answer as the “Cancellation Dept.” but refused to provide the name of a company.

  • In order to “cancel,” you are asked to “open the Google Chrome” and download ConnectWise from (Code: 35637/68066, IP: :netherlands:). I faked the download not working, and I was told to throw my computer out the window.
  • As they stopped accepting calls to the (845) number, I dialed the (833) number and the same femchod had me download ConnectWise from (IP: :moldova:). I was immediately asked to log into my nonexistent bank account.

Shelly or Sherry A .T. & T. / ATT DSL Broadband
They linger on your bank screen
US Marshal David, FTC officer callback 252-242-nnnn