Are all Scammer numbers down

I have been trying to call Indian Tech Support Scammers for the past few days on textnow app on my IPhone, it’s really strange because I haven’t been able to reach any scammers it’ll say missed call, call failed, or the call with just drop for no reason. I have never had this problem before with textnow even though I only started using text now for a couple of weeks. As for Firertc, whenever I try to call a scammer the call will drop saying busy on most numbers I try to call on I am unsure whatelse to do. Does anyone know if Textnow is down, the same with Firertc?

Usually scammers are aware of these VoIP services so they block them. I find that using a smaller free VoIP service can be helpful such as Fongo

Along with that, it also depends on the time of day you’re calling. For instance, if it is night time in India, they are most likely to answer as the scammers target western countries.

If one fish (Scam number) is dead, there is plenty out there. I hope i can get my hands working at their call centers so i can be so useless to them and give customers “free” service and teach them not to get scammed, and call lewis “brit monkey”. Also use their line to call other scammers,