Apple Tech Support SCAM

Scam Number: 1(805)-778-8923
Scammer’s Website or Email: Security Center Code0x268d3 Services
Additional information about this scam: Fake Popup Wanting People To Call Fake Tech Support To Fix A Problem That Didn’t Exist.

He moved from my IPod to my Laptop to check my internet security, He found Hackers on my System. Illegal porn web sites. Richard Davis a Scumbag.

Call Back Number Richard Davis 304 315 6242

805-778-8923 Carrier: Inteliquent
304 315 6242 Carrier: Onvoy

Another Phone Number From The Scam.


Tonight these scammers happened to call me and was saying that my computer was hacked phones are hacked and my bank is hacked and internet. He transferred me over the bank fraud dept saying a charge to p0rnhub at 4:45 am lol I made up what bank I use made everything up about the bean sprout farm business he made me drive to the bank after saying my stuff is at risk including my house and someone should stay home and watch it. lol thank goodness for fake car sounds. I wasted 2 hours of his time. Took pictures of fake bank receipts and wads of cash and sent it to him via text. Video will be up on my channel in the next few weeks.